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Covergirl Liquiline Blast in 420 Brown Blaze Ulta Automatic Liner in Black/Brown Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Zero. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • You got to admit though, this Liquiline Blast is pretty good even comparing
    to the Urban Decay…. I have nothing against Urban Decay other then how
    pricey it is! (It’s designers, so what are you going to do…) Even though
    Urban Decay is better than the Luquiline Blast, Urban Decay Glide-on, I’m
    pretty sure is around $18 comparing to $7. :/

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @fluffynsoft Sure I was thinking about doing that too! Are you going to
    college this year?

  • holathisisme 4 years ago

    if you put eyeliner on your upper lashline, how do you stop it from
    transfering/smudging onto your lid? since you have monolids?

  • missjennx3 4 years ago

    i love that shirt! :D where did you get it?

  • yourstrulyalee 4 years ago

    i love ur makeup today :)

  • yourstrulyalee 4 years ago

    omg that ulta liner is the best!!!!!

  • CrazayDancerr 4 years ago

    thank you for the review :) your one of my favorite gurus, i really enjoy
    watching your videos! i would love to see a hair tutorial on your hair
    right now, its so cute and its axactly what i want but never able to do
    myself..hahaha, and if you want to do amother review, could you do the
    maybelline mouse concealer? ive been hearing a lot about it on youtube and
    would love a review :D thank you so much!

  • mss96 4 years ago

    i love your shirt!!!!! <3 where’d you get it??

  • BabyK18316 4 years ago

    Really just sharpen it like a regular pencil? But it’s plastic :/

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @iheartyou180 From Macy’s about a year ago :)

  • alyssamae14 4 years ago

    thanks for the review! :) would you recommend this liner for tight lining
    the upper lash line?

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @CrazayDancerr Aw thanks, you made my day :) yeah, I did do a tut on this
    hair, it’s really simple, I’ll have it up sometime this week! I’ve been
    wanting to try the Maybelline Mousse concealer too; when I get my hands on
    it (hopefully today) and tried it out for awhile, I’ll be sure to do a
    review on it!

  • mzztweetzsugah19 4 years ago

    does this come in black ?

  • Greggoose 808 4 years ago

    You’re so beautiful, Tina :)

  • Chanelbeauty 4 years ago

    you should try out the Loreal Extra Intense Liquid Eyeliner its a pencil
    eyeliner and it look like liquid and it also is so creamy and it has
    amazing staying power

  • SarahSullivanTV 4 years ago

    Great review – I actually haven’t heard of this product before! I love your
    hair/outfit/jewelry in this video!

  • tima ruiz 4 years ago

    @mzztweetzsugah19 yes.

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @jrroxmysox Thanks! It’s a normal manicure :P I’ve never tried stick ons

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @cantmemeberlogin Benefit Benetint set with face powder and MAC Pink Swoon
    on top :)

  • ELMOjulii 4 years ago

    TAG: must have beauty products? (what are the 7 beauty products EVERY girl
    should have?)

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @missjennx3 Macy’s :)

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @tianaisabarbie It’s a regular pencil, so you can sharpen it

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @alyssamae14 It’s not rich/pigmented enough and I don’t think it would show
    up well, you’d probably irritate your upper lashline going back and forth
    trying to tightline with this pencil! Even if it did work, I think it would
    fade pretty quickly, ’cause it already fades a good amount on the lash line
    itself! Try a gel liner (if it doesn’t irritate your eye), I’ve found that
    works quite well for tightlining.Thanks for watching :)

  • GhettoGummyBear 4 years ago

    i still want it :D

  • tackyhearts 4 years ago

    @holathisisme I actually have double lids, they vary in size every morning
    depending on .. I’m not sure, maybe depending on how much I sleep. So it’s
    easy for me to apply eyeliner and it never transfers/smudges. Plus, if you
    have a good long-wearing eyeliner, it shouldn’t smudge. I like Bobbi Brown
    gel liner and L’oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner.