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  • saloniparekh0311 6 years ago

    Absolutely stunning look!! Festaaaaaaa:)

  • Mariam lepré 6 years ago

    that would be reall cool if you’d do a haul again or a skin routine ! :)

  • Carolyn Mitchell 6 years ago

    Can you please mention what lashes you use or put it in the products used in the description bar????? Thank you.

  • Try SilknSolutions 6 years ago

    Love the look.

  • D1BellaBarbie 6 years ago

    love the look doll!!!

  • Eliza Lille 6 years ago

    it will be cool if you could post a tutorial on the products for hair that you looks fantastic

  • Debiusaa 6 years ago

    you remind me of Kim Kardashian.

  • Mo' B. 6 years ago

    I’ll say FESTAAAAAAAA !!! :) Beautiful Makeup ! <3

  • lcamilo4 6 years ago

    This is great… I loved the look!!

  • Jason Ruoff 6 years ago

    Where did you get that top?

  • jocelyngutierrez44 6 years ago

    I love it ur so bella … love all ur videos

  • Ronda S 6 years ago

    This look is hot! I finally am getting better at eye application. I duplicated this look, but with a foresty green shadow.. didnt have the Metallic green! Thanks Camila! and Happy Bday :) xox (ehyogurl on instagram)

  • 1980mslorena 6 years ago

    Me too! Even though I don’t understand portugese that well! I’m learning though, such a beautiful language :)

  • dezmoustache 6 years ago

    Oh, see, I wouldn’t know because I’ve only watched a couple of her videos.

  • IntimaePessoal 6 years ago

    I absolutely loved this look, can’t wait to try it. Xoxo

  • olgasousa26 6 years ago

    Camila eu adoro os teus vídeos. És sempre tão simpática e carinhosa. Em Portugal existe um proverbio que diz “a mulher quer se pequenina como a sardinha” lol, e tu és a prova viva que uma mulher pequenina mete no bolso muitas modelos de 1,80 lol. Um beijo enorme, muita sorte para o teu futuro :)

  • ileanaste 6 years ago

    You are fabuolous..I’m obsessed with your colour hairs, tell me which is your secret ;-)

  • Anna Ek 6 years ago

    Festa, is a swedish word for to party.

  • nathaly lezcano 6 years ago

    yes Camilla! i agree i cant understand the one in Portuguese!

  • Victoria Dias 6 years ago

    i loooooove your shirt !!!! where are you spend it please ? :)
    You are so beautifull !

  • Purplexed Pink 6 years ago

    @fhoegg loreal infalliable eyeshadow in permanent khaki;)

  • loiranerd 6 years ago

    I think she looks like a brazilian actress called aline moraes.

  • loiranerd 6 years ago

    acho chique.

  • Autumn Colotti 6 years ago

    I’m a new subscriber, you’re so pretty! You look like Nikki Reed. :)

  • Márcia varela 6 years ago

    Love this look <3

  • supanit pakam 6 years ago

    You very nice i like you so much ,Wow

  • Emaa Hussi 6 years ago

    Your hair very beautiful , can you tell me what is the color of your hair ?

  • Edna Montiel 6 years ago

    Definitivamente un 10! Me encanto.

  • Patricia Barragan 6 years ago

    love this look, def going to attempt. thank you!

  • CA R. 6 years ago

    @spalover89 lucky !

  • Maria Luisa Santos 6 years ago

    A contem 1g tem loja própria , nas ruas e nos shoppings.

  • selinas241 6 years ago

    Your eyebrows are so thick and beautiful, do you thread or wax them?

  • Jéssica Teceroli 6 years ago


  • Nicole Ascensão 6 years ago

    Camila pode fazer um tuturial : Closet Tour???

  • spalover89 6 years ago


  • spalover89 6 years ago

    Camilla I was so excited that I saw you at sephora today! You are even more beautiful in personal

  • moshyla 6 years ago

    Adorei !! Subscribed!! Queria saber onde posso encontrar esses produtos ” Contem 1g” em São Paulo? não sou brasileira mas viajo muito pro Brasil . ;)

  • cucusa319 6 years ago


  • Jocelyn Ramirez 6 years ago

    You should do a nail tutorial :D

  • PaMindDeToi 6 years ago

    and spanish too primavera

  • Andreza Ferreira 6 years ago

    She is married

  • KinGKonG56321 6 years ago

    do a makeup tutorial which would suit a wedding :)

  • Andreza Ferreira 6 years ago

    she is Brazilian baby

  • KaSsaNdrA M. 6 years ago

    Hermoso, me encantoooooooo…..

  • Dora Dee 6 years ago

    Great video Camila. I wanted to see some seductive looke (makeup) next. <3

  • looolalooolaa23 6 years ago

    also in spanish!!

  • mvbeautygirl 6 years ago

    haha she’s like Dora “say it with me” lol <3

  • dianav812 6 years ago


  • MsSisi9898 6 years ago

    Hey are you Portuguese or Brazilian? I’m Portuguese! ;)