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In this video, RaDona demonstrates how to cut and style a medium short hairstyle for guys. This is a nice, cool summer cut for guys without going really shor… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Short Hair Styling for Men for 20000 subs appreciation vlog Like/Favorite/Sharing helps this channel grow. So don’t forget to rate it, especially if you enjo… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • MsSinead56 5 years ago

    hey on the last bit where like the side burn parts are you can do fading which makes it look better sometimes so it doesn’t look like a block by your ear :)

  • david wong 5 years ago

    You know what you are doing.

  • sdushdiu 5 years ago

    Number 2 isn’t already “really short” – shorter would be literally shaven!?

    His head looks like a mushroom – shaven on the sides with a medium mop on top – no graduation at all!

    I had better styled haircuts in the military!


  • bigbz07 5 years ago

    Try using a 3 around the rim first them blend the 2 …

  • Ugnokk 5 years ago

    how is that medium cut?

  • danielsaun1 5 years ago

    Thanks your videos are the most helpful I have seen, and that’s good my wife is going to use them to cut my hair!

  • meggie31277 5 years ago

    Just started watching your videos yesterday and I am already a fan. I have been doing hair for a year now and am of course still learning. Thank you for your easy to follow tutorials!! Keep them coming please!!!!

  • Adrian Alvarez 5 years ago

    Aaaa gaaayyy

  • Greasybacn 5 years ago

    These videos are great and so helpful! Ignore the bad comments!

  • Hawk Stone 5 years ago

    Marry me.

  • Kara Markham 5 years ago

    Your videos are awesome! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  • GirlsHairstyles2012 5 years ago

    I know I’m not a barber. Are you???

  • Scott Burchett 5 years ago

    back line is jacked up ,not straight ,ur not a barber dont try

  • Scott Burchett 5 years ago

    messed it all up

  • GirlsHairstyles2012 5 years ago

    I know right??

  • aaronw1996 5 years ago

    People can be pretty harsh on video that’s here to help you!

  • GirlsHairstyles2012 5 years ago

    No he’s not my son, but he is a VERY NICE client of mine!!!!

  • Hiltonmodbbaseball 5 years ago

    I wouldnt wanna touch his hair hahaaa

  • Hiltonmodbbaseball 5 years ago

    Yo he looks like a creeper

  • LeBrysh Wade 5 years ago

    The guys a nerd is that your son?

  • rivlean8 5 years ago

    lol he looks like a fag

  • GirlsHairstyles2012 5 years ago

    Well thanks

  • kierrasmom1999 5 years ago

    Your just terrible at this ur guy hair styles all look the same

  • GirlsHairstyles2012 5 years ago

    They are a little bit different in the different clippers, but they are almost the same. The number 2 is about 1/4 of an inch and the number on is about 1/8 of an inch! I hope that helps…

  • xxLuccax 5 years ago

    how long is a number two guard in millimeters?
    and how much is a number 1 guard n millimeters?

  • AD1076 5 years ago

    Murray’s superior isn’t wax…It’s pomade

  • Richard Richmond 5 years ago

    Nobody gives a fuck ;)

  • oOShutts97 5 years ago

    Always start from the back!

    …starts from front -.-

  • porkskate 5 years ago

    Color correction guys…

  • WTWNIGGA 5 years ago

    Why are your eyes red?

  • XxXINFECteDDxXx 5 years ago

    1st of all are you high in this video and is your hair blue ??

  • Joey Perez 5 years ago

    My names Joey!

  • AppReviewerWill 5 years ago

    why is his hair blue?

  • Tyler Simon 5 years ago


  • karan singh 5 years ago

    ur kidding right ??

  • mido arslan 5 years ago

    He hss blue hair?

  • prasanjeet devnath 5 years ago

    Dude You r doing just the opposite things u said…:P

  • Jake Do 5 years ago

    You look like Joey form “Friends”

  • Oscar Akr 5 years ago

    dude what about hair loss ? ;)

  • TheCanadianHoblit 5 years ago

    Your going to need to blow……. Dry it.

  • Sayiankiller 5 years ago

    ohhh so u start from the back

  • crowhayyi 5 years ago

    but its ok

  • JOSE CRUZ 5 years ago

    just a couple seems alot :0but sick as hair ima try this :)

  • pinkyandnick 5 years ago

    “so your gonna need to blow… dry it”

  • MrKeven27 5 years ago

    you are so funny!

  • IeatNoobs4breackfest 5 years ago

    Damn you must get so many girls

  • Madmad3381 5 years ago

    i need that fast dryer !!!!! lol 

  • jclegaspi11 5 years ago

    Epic hair time

  • TheKaraya32 5 years ago

    Y U NO EAT SUM BROWNIEZ IN DA VLOG?? Anyway, can’t wait for another video of you putting skin moisturizer or smthing else into your hair! :)