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Video Makeup Tutorial for Black Skin and Women of Color. Watch Fashion Fair’s Global Creative Director and Celebrity Makeup Artist, Tia Dantzler, build coverage, cover acne scars and imperfecti… Video Rating: 4 / 5 MAC Studio Fix Fluid — NC 44 Mineralize Skinfinish – Medium Dark 109 Brush Earrings: Catch me on Twitter: Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Scandalous Beauty 4 years ago

    Beautiful work, Tia!! 

  • sharon p 4 years ago

    Very pretty! Love the video

  • Lily Seymour 4 years ago

    Very beautiful, I actually have that foundation, I think I will re-visit

  • gloria nazziwa 4 years ago

    Hi fashion fair,what shade should i buy in the true fix foundation if i
    wear brown sugar in the fashion fair souffle.mac nc 50

  • sarah Jane 4 years ago

    Ermmm tooooo oily 

  • Malakah Bethea 4 years ago

    I love it and I am so happy you guys have a youtube channel!!! The
    eyeshadows are so appropriate for fall!!

  • Jae Buehler 4 years ago


  • LVLooks 4 years ago

    I’ve nvr tried JK. Hopefully I can get my hands on one

  • Lisa Fluker 4 years ago

    WOW! I thought you had on makeup. See, that just shows you how really
    beautiful you are.

  • Jacenta1 4 years ago

    your very pretty

  • LVLooks 4 years ago

    Yes, I’m gonna get the black and silver too. I was thinking about the
    necklace as well

  • Passionate3000 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for the tut. The earrings are cute! I live and breathe by
    the 109 brush for my foundation as well. Im going to try the MSF. I like
    the finish.

  • kokofemme 4 years ago

    Gr8 Tut. I would totally agree with that 109 brush! Loves it! ♪ kokofemme ♪

  • CaliRican67 4 years ago

    Awww…your sooo pretty and don’t need any foundation! enjoyed the video.

  • janeezy01 4 years ago

    u are beautiful! once ur skin care regimen?

  • LVLooks 4 years ago

    Thx let me know how it works for you!

  • BadGirl0804 4 years ago

    Thanks for the foundation video. I was going to ask about a good foundation
    that is light and not too oily, but I saw that you recommended MSF, so I
    will try that out since my skin gets so oily in the summer. What about the
    Jemma Kidd foundation brush. Do you prefer the 109 over the j.k. one.
    Thanks. :o)

  • LVLooks 4 years ago

    I’m NC 43. They keep getting rid of that shade (in various foundation
    formulas) I think the only NC43 they have is in Studio Tech and I’m not
    crazy about that one — too greasy looking on me. Studio Sculpt has a good
    match BUT it breaks me out! :( MAC has a new mineral foundation coming out
    very soon. Hope they have a good match in this batch!

  • AshleyBvette 4 years ago

    do you ever have a problem with ur 109 brush leaving streaky brush
    strokes???? i just bought my 109 less than a month ago…and it’s really
    leaving my fluid looking streaky and i have to go back over it with a wedge
    to get rid of the streaks… : (

  • ilovemakeup100 4 years ago

    thats nice thanks

  • kikinkd 4 years ago

    what cetaphil product do you use the gentle skin cleanser or daily facial

  • embracinmyself 4 years ago

    Was the shipping outrageous on the earrings?

  • cdnelsonrn 4 years ago

    You look great and I learned a lot from your foundation application. what
    do u use for skin care? your skin is FLAWLESS!!!

  • tfresh19 4 years ago

    yea me too because i know nc44 would be too dark for me but it doesnt look
    too bad on you so idk. what foundation do u use now? i almost forgot this
    video about a year old lol..u gotta make sum more girl:)

  • 2meanbutcute 4 years ago

    love to see a video on your hair routine?

  • tfresh19 4 years ago

    i am exactly your shade and i see u said this was too dark for you? what
    shade are you really because i would really like to try this thanks:)

  • LVLooks 4 years ago

    I think you’ll be fine. NC 44 is a little too dark for me but I when I put
    powder over it, it lightens up a bit

  • LVLooks 4 years ago


  • vlevy01 4 years ago

    you have amazing skin… I hope you are still making videos! I just subbed.

  • LVLooks 4 years ago


  • aquanu85 4 years ago

    i’ve nvr used foundation out of fear it’ll look unnatural and i’ll look
    worn out one day. but watching this vid makes me want to try it. but i’ll
    nvr let the techs at mac try it on me again. they”re too heavy with it.

  • LVLooks 4 years ago

    oh wow! That is great. I loved my NC43 studio stick. I’m thinking about
    trying Iman’s foundation stick. Lemme know if your ebay find works for you! :)