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Hey Dolls! Fall is here but no need to give up your golden glow! Try this super easy warm fall look with the materials listed below. Hope you enjoy! – Cream, bronze and deep brown colored Metallic… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Hey guys! So I really wanted to try using my Balmsai Eyeshadow Palette from the Balm so I filmed this quick video while I was getting ready to go shopping. I hope you guys enjoy! Comment, thumbs… Video Rating: 5 / 5




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  • CuriousChristina1 4 years ago

    @PrettyMissUptown thank yoooou! trust me i dont think it likes me very much
    either lol i just try really hard to make it work lol

  • Laura London 4 years ago

    I love this! Damn that Vegas download hates me ^_^

  • Dulibel G 4 years ago

    Love the look!!!!!! so pretty

  • preciouspnay510 4 years ago

    what brand are the eyeshadows? i love the colors and i love the look. very
    simple and natural. Thank you

  • viviana ceron 4 years ago

    So pretty love the tutorial :)

  • VIC eJay 4 years ago

    Look at you cousin! already making videos like a pro on here! very nice!!!
    oh and your music sounds like a track from the guy that makes my music!
    love it!