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Thumbs up, comment, and subscribe Products I used: -Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden…

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  • Mar Macias 6 years ago

    your skin it’s so perfect! i’m jealous. :)

  • Cassie Summers 6 years ago

    you have gorgeous eyes x

  • Sarah B 6 years ago


  • Sarah B 6 years ago

    She looks like Linsey

  • AddiiLovee 6 years ago

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    if you have any tips or recommendations for me please let me know!

  • kmnaildesigns 6 years ago

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  • lifebychar 6 years ago

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    My dream is to become a beauty guru on youtube. I started making videos this year, I may not have a lot of subscribers, but we all start somewhere! I could really use your support so come check out my channel. I also sing and upload some videos of videos of me singing!
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  • TheVeryBerrieLife 6 years ago

    Hi! You are so beautiful – have been watching you for a long time!! I’m pretty new on Youtube – I do beauty videos on BYoonique and I’m also a newlywed and we VLOG EVERYDAY here from NYC!! It would mean so much if you came by and supported a newcomer to the community!! We are trying to get to 5K!!!

  • emmma99 6 years ago

    You look so much like Emma stone <3

  • amazinghope1 6 years ago

    I don’t know If I’m seeing things but you look allot like Emma Stone..

  • 13Tswiftfan 6 years ago

    Out of all the Valentine’s Day looks I’ve watched, I like this one the most!

  • LauraDollx 6 years ago

    I just put up 2 new Valentine’s Day videos, please go check out my channel and subscribe! I make beauty, fashion, vlog and college life videos!

    Love, Laura <3

  • kadeeg67 6 years ago

    I loved it:)

  • samantha taylor 6 years ago

    yes, because i’m in the same boat as you <3

  • samantha taylor 6 years ago

    she looks so much like emma stone <3

  • dorcass ful 6 years ago

    you look a bit like emma stone :) :)

  • jonathan padilla 6 years ago

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  • NBAasDOGG 6 years ago

    Clown! Anyway thumps up, i am watching wrong video ;)

  • syj9711 6 years ago


  • everybodylovesel 6 years ago

    Hi. I’m Ariel..
    I’m not your adverage guru..
    I do not have a $800 camera (tho I have HD)..
    I do not have a Mac Book ..
    I do not have a bunch a high-end makeup..
    I do not have a lot of money and get to go shopping fo designer clothes..
    I do not get to go to starbucks everyday for coffee..
    I do not get to be homeschooled..
    But that is because I’m just your adverage 14 year old girl that’s easy for other teens to relate to..
    I hate to spam, but I just want people to know I EXIST! Give me a chance?

  • xxBeautyLoverxx12 6 years ago

    can you come live with me and be my makeup stylist? lol. I can’t even apply liquid eyeliner correct never mind all this >.<

  • clueless603 6 years ago

    Review on the clump crusher ?? I want to get it but I’m not sure :/

  • elmoyer1819 6 years ago


  • giuliacoene 6 years ago

    She is a perfect mix of Emma Stone and Blake Lively.

  • trisha60 6 years ago

    ive done a valentines look to, going to upload either tomorrow or tuesday! please look out for it! x