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I hope you enjoy this make up on one of my bestfriends Nicki. Thank you to her for coming home from London to be my model. Nicki has small and partially hooded eyelids so this look shoud be quite helpful for those with that lid type. x Products Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation Real Techniques Buffing Brush MEMEME Dew Pot Willow Whisper 05 Mac Tan Pigment 217 Brush Mac Mulch Eyeshadow Mac 239 Mac Carbon Eyeshadow Mac 266 Brush Mac Smolder Eye Pencil Avon Perfect Brow Pencil Blonde Mac Omega Eyeshadow Mac Studio Finish Concealer Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara Clinique Loose Powder Sleek Make up Contour Kit Mac Sublime Culture Lipliner Mac Stone Lipliner Mac Honeylove Lipstick Amazing Shine Lashes 717 xs Duo Lash Glue Eye Boutique Corner lashes

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  • Ana Nevado 6 years ago

    si fuera ella no me desmaquillaria nuncaaa

  • Helena Jul 6 years ago

    She looks like Ellie Goulding :-)

  • Sarah Badr 6 years ago

    plzzzzzzzz apply a liquid eyeliner for her coz i have same eyes and when i apply it its appear like am applying a black eye shadow :S !

  • ewtoge 6 years ago

    she is so pretty!!!

  • Wejammin528 6 years ago

    Exotic looking

  • Wejammin528 6 years ago

    She looks sort of Asian.

  • mia .hahahhaa 6 years ago


  • xxwwefan4lifexx11 6 years ago

    Try putting white eyeliner on your bottom waterline instead of black. It makes your eyes appear bigger.

  • bunnyserenaf 6 years ago

    great, what a transformation, her skin looks amazing too!

  • bunnyserenaf 6 years ago

    look at the before and after pics dear! her eyes look bigger and more defined, it’s how she applied it that counts!

  • YazziiYaazz96 6 years ago

    I have small eyes, and I can’t put eyeliner in my bottom waterline because it makes my eyes look smaller.. And that is exactly what you did with the model, you made her eyes look even smaller than they looked before..

  • Ash Kul 6 years ago

    so pretty. 

  • wei8664 6 years ago

    wow.. thanks 4 sharing..

  • anjajd 6 years ago

    I think, honestly, the full-framed liner with black in the waterlines made her eyes look smaller than they actually were. Much like one wears a black dress for its slimming qualities. However, I’m in no way saying that she’s not a beautiful woman.

  • Jennifer Bell 6 years ago

    Nic, you nailed it! I had to do a double take when I looked the thumbnail for this vid because Nicki looks so much like Julianne.

  • DeathBatRising 6 years ago


  • trishmaggieful1 6 years ago

    Beautiful! She is so gorgeous!!

  • yaneth1080 6 years ago

    Everything was good until she lined the water line, instantly gave her smaller eyes

  • MariaY67 6 years ago

    Wow what a transformation. Love this look will definitely be trying this out on myself. Your friend looks stunning, a beautiful look.

  • TheSwayingWillow 6 years ago

    I love this look! I’m doing it tomorrow morning :)

  • MrMalibupj 6 years ago

    Agreed. But someone should tell Bobbi “Always” and “Never” Brown and the author of “How Not To Look Old” and all the other “experts” who wish to homogenize the faces of our planet.

  • jinxingjenn 6 years ago

    wow, she looked disturbing without makeup… which just proves that people who look horrid nude, just need a little makeup to help them out…

    and honestly, if i saw my ex and he asked me why women wear makeup, id show him this video just to prove that a little makeup can really help…

  • ghazaleyes00 6 years ago

    I thought putting black liner in the waterline made your eyes look smaller

  • MsBill4bong 6 years ago

    absolutely amazing (: she looks great!!

  • cesu1991 6 years ago