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Hello my ninja babies, For this Girl Talk episode, a lot of you requested for a video on ‘Beginners Guide to a Starter Makeup Kit” so I hope this video will be helpful. I’m glad you guys are asking for beauty topics too and not just ‘relationship-related’ topics. Definitely more to life than men right? ^_^ I purchased a new Lighting System recently and I was so excited to test it out. I think I had the lights too close to me because the lamps were totally reflecting off my cheeks lol. Can see the rectangle shapes! Yeah, made my face look mega shiny. Bear with me. I’m trying to work out the composition. They take up like half of my living room already… What to do… aiyah. In a nutshell, I really recommend to start light and take it easy. When I first started off with makeup, I put EVERYTHING on my face without much knowledge of knowing how to use each product. I look back and I cringe so much at my major makeup mistakes lol. Yep, I went to school with an orange face and badly blended crazy blue eyeshadow. Before you buy anything. Make sure you do a little research and check out what other people think of them (makeupalley is a site a lot of women use). Gradually build up your kit. You may be happy with a small makeup bag of makeup. You may end up with a vanity table of makeup. You may be very passionate about it. You may just wear it for presentation for your everyday life/work. It’s cool. Whatever floats your boat ^_^ Make subtle changes first and just be sure to not … Video Rating: 4 / 5 subscribe to my vlog channel: drugstore foundation routine: Basic […]

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  • SnowflakeBeauty64 6 years ago

    Hair cutting tutorial?

  • YOSHlx 6 years ago

    Bubz, how do you know if your a warm or cool tone?

  • Lesgirlroxforever 6 years ago

    o_O if thats the begginers makeup kit then i got the baby makeup kit.

  • Nurafagudi 6 years ago

    Yeah and also maybe a beginner make up brush…care..tutorial? Yeah. So we can keep our brushes and/or makeup hygienic XD

  • Danielle Aquino 6 years ago

    2:34 I heard the car alarm (≧◡≦)

  • 1605Claudy 6 years ago

    Thx this really helped :)

  • Ladybug2952 6 years ago

    Can u do a tutorial with the beginner brushes plz?

  • Coralista xo 6 years ago

    I know she is originally asian but i was wondering is bubz irish/lives in ireland?x

  • Grace McCarter 6 years ago

    I curled my eyelashes once and a friend swore up and down I was wearing mascara, and I don’t even own any! They’re freakishly thick, so yay something I can skip on and save the dough! :P

    Any tips for buying makeup online? Locally all there is are horrible chemically laden non vegan makeup, and I found a site that’s mostly vegan(and ALL organic!) but they don’t offer samples. When I emailed about samples, they said they do accept returns on products, but I don’t want to need to do that.

  • Chaiba98 6 years ago

    What is the name for the blush that Bubz recommends? I’ve been looking for a good matte blush but I can’t find one.

  • TheMalibumayhem 6 years ago

    hey everyone so i just uploaded an everyday spring makeup tutorial! check it out!! it would the world to me! SMILE:)

  • Itisusppl 6 years ago

    I’m a ninja baby!!!!!!

  • CrazySwizzley3 6 years ago

    Thanks so much! Im ver new to makeup an have just started making an interest in makeup, im only 12 but I’ve already started loving makeup! For now until I save up abbot more money plus birthday money im using my mothers. I can agree with you on the concealer! I have a little acne inter my chin,nose. I also have kinda bad dark circles.

  • czarine santos 6 years ago

    For my everyday look I just use: Pressed powder, Lip tint, Mascara and Curl lash. I’m not fan of using Liquid eyeliner because it makes my eyes top heavy, idk. But don’t use too much make up on your face. That’s my principle because makeups really damages your skin. There is a fine line between fresh look and fresh look from makeups.

  • lelektrifiedl 6 years ago

    You can get the naked basics for like 25 bucks if you don’t want to go all out.

  • katanacutie 6 years ago

    By the way, you can find all of this for a lot less online (ebay and whatnot) but those websites aren’t always the most reliable, so be careful. By the way, I got a coastal scents 82 color eyeshadow palette plus a set of 24 brand new makeup brushes for around $14 on ebay, all ligit. The prices I listed before are in-store prices, so be sure to check around ^_^

  • katanacutie 6 years ago

    If you start off with the first six items, it isn’t too expensive. Just go with drugstore brands (which work perfectly well) I would stick with maybelline and BYS, or other similar brands.
    Lipgloss for only $3 or $4, (Almost anywhere),
    Concealer – $14 (Maybelline
    Mascara – $12 (Maybelline)
    Liquid liner pot – $5 (BYS)
    5 color palette – $18 (Maybelline)
    I don’t use a lash curler, and unless you think you need it, you’ll be fine without it. You can look it all up online ^_^ Hope I helped! ^_^

  • katanacutie 6 years ago

    Pretty sure she said she started with brown eyeliner, not black. Most young girls don’t want to start off with black because it’s very harsh and easier to make mistakes with, where as brown is more forgiving and natural ^_^

  • valencia bellot 6 years ago

    Your cheeks are Shinny :c

  • gdiggle123 6 years ago

    Bubz do you think you could do a cosplay makeup tutorial? :3

  • TheFluffylumpy 6 years ago

    eyeliner.. u said u started with what?? i couldn’t catch it ><

  • ezra mahendra 6 years ago

    pop!! :D

  • EuuuunicePark 6 years ago

    Hey beautiful Bubbi fans!
    After being inspired by the amazing Bubz, I’ve taken the big scary leap into starting my own channel! I’ve started a FOOD and TRAVEL channel that I hope you guys will enjoy! So if you have a moment, I would totally appreciate if you could take a quick peek over! Thank you and much appreciation in advance!!

  • Sara Elshaer 6 years ago

    Around how much does this cost

  • reginiandmarissa 6 years ago

    haha.. i get it.. “Bigger volume..” then you play the Big theme song >< bubz ur too cute :)

  • Maya Mahato 6 years ago

    Tht was a lot of Mac for a beginer kit

  • sjmac423 6 years ago


  • sjmac423 6 years ago

    If you are a begginer or not, you can get some great makeup at the drugstore. Maybelline, Loreal Paris, and Covergirl to name a few brands. You do not have to buy MAC to get great makeup!!!!! Mac is great, but other brands are similar, and even better. Dont waste your money, unless can. Look at beauty broadcast by emilynoel83, she is one of the best beauty gurus, she has a video for beginners too.

  • cryztals 6 years ago

    they are sisters

  • TheSamis719 6 years ago


  • TheSamis719 6 years ago

    Ia she related to juicystar07

  • confessionsofahater 6 years ago

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  • FabulousAnimeSinger1 6 years ago

    i’ve been wearing makeup for awhile now and idk the difference between primer and the stuff you put on your face to look flawless im so confused.

  • Walkingoneggshells09 6 years ago

    I’m in 4th almost in 5th grade!:)

  • Dariana Showell 6 years ago

    I already use primers,blush,eyeshadow,lipstick,and other stuff so my skin is already used to it @LadyValentine93

  • LadyValentine93 6 years ago

    you dont need makeup. dont ruin your skin by weighing it down with makeup so early on. your skin is still very fragile.

  • oliviakglam 6 years ago

    Hi I just made my first What’s in my bag video so check it out! Thanks :)

  • Dariana Showell 6 years ago

    I’m going to seventh

  • Varsha K. 6 years ago

    heyy everyone so i just started my youtube channel and am soooo exited to get started! i have two videos up and i would love if even only one person would check it out and give me some ideas and subscribe! Foundation routine for normal skin will be up tomorrow:) SMILE:)

  • Nicole Neyhart 6 years ago

    I have just stared watching your videos and LOVE them this video was very helpful because I m going to start to we’re makeup soon what are u tips for a mascara ?? Thanks

  • Amela Puhhmela 6 years ago

    start in eighth, that is when pimples start popping out of nowhere. Right now your skin is baby like and as cute as a button. SAVOR IT :)

  • Hard2HandleBabe 6 years ago

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  • FashionistaDoll11 6 years ago

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  • vanessarush 6 years ago

    I’m going to second grade but I already started

  • LittleMissSparklexxo 6 years ago

    12 dollars?! In new zealand that would be at least 25 dollars from the cheapest store.

  • Alexa Tarabay 6 years ago

    what was that for??

  • BohistaNordica 6 years ago

    I didn’t get the sense that you are really in touch with this topic.

  • Rosaly Sommer 6 years ago

    My little Tipps 4 Beginers;

  • Claudia Massiel Gonzalez minaya 6 years ago

    Maybelline Falsies Mascara

  • StayBeautiful29 6 years ago

    and mascara ?