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Makeup For Lips


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  • TheMakeUpFairyPro 5 years ago

    Thanks :) x

  • Povegliano marcello 5 years ago

    Bellissimo video. Beautifull

  • TheMakeUpFairyPro 5 years ago

    Thank you :) x

  • Laura Miller 5 years ago

    Love this fresh face look xx

  • TheMakeUpFairyPro 5 years ago

    They dry to a semi glossy finish and aren’t drying :) x

  • TheMakeUpFairyPro 5 years ago

    Boots x

  • spoons2007 5 years ago

    Do the apocolips dry hard ? Or do they stay sorta soft and glossy ?

  • kyletokio 5 years ago

    where you bought the lip lacquer Tnks honey

  • TheMakeUpFairyPro 5 years ago

    Hi honey, thank you so much. I will take a look at that video now and check the make up because im not familiar with it? Thanks again and I will be sure to feature it :) x

  • Rachel Murray 5 years ago

    Hi Joanne, love this video. I’ve been watching a few of them tonight, they’re all great and I can’t wait to start trying the looks myself when I’m finished my exams. I generally stick to a couple of key looks but your looks always look so perfect and dramatic! :D For your next video, could you do the look that Cheryl Cole wears in her Under the Sun video please?

  • TheMakeUpFairyPro 5 years ago

    Thank you :) xxx

  • TheMakeUpFairyPro 5 years ago

    They really are so amazing! xxx

  • Slaypay93 5 years ago

    The colour of the gloss is amazing, really suits you

  • sam B 5 years ago

    Cannot get enough of those apocalips !!! Adore Big Bang for a classic pin up look :) x